Frequently Asked

What Is Digital Content Marketing?

Simply put, digital content marketing puts your brand on all media platforms. In this day and age, online presence is becoming increasingly important by the hour.

Today, 97% percent of online consumers use the internet to find local businesses. This statistic is driving more and more companies to create or improve their online profiles. But many companies aren’t doing themselves a justice. Digital content marketing is more than making a Facebook page or an Instagram. There are numerous necessary tools needed to pull off a successful online presence–this is where X World Marketing can come in.

Why Should My Brand Look into Digital Marketing?

Even if you’re a local brick-and-mortar, online presence will provide the exposure you need to increase your potential revenue. Nearly 90% of U.S. commerce takes place in the physical world, but 1 in 3 people conduct a search online before visiting a store.

Digital marketing provides a group of benefits toward your company. The first being an increase in audience capacity. When more people who see your company exists, it boosts the trust that customers have in you and then boosts the likelihood for them to shop/work with you.  

If your business does not show up front and center, you’re missing out. Even if the brand is already online, there is definitely more room for improvement. Instead of spending time trying to learn how to boost your brand, or hiring a someone to fulfill that position, using XWorld Marketing opens an extensive deal of resources for a better rate.  

What Makes A Good Online Business Profile?

There are many ways to go about creating a stellar business profile. There are many more ways to create a bad one. From Ad Development and SEO, to website creation and videography, many tools must work in tandem to elevate your prospective success. While ensuring a top page result on major search engines like Google or Yahoo can be complicated, X World Marketing uses a team of experienced marketing specialists to make bring your brand to life.